he information in A Nation Apart is organized logically

he information in A Nation Apart is organized logically. The author talks about issues that China is facing, and has faced in the past. There are examples of different people and how they feel China will end up, some saying China will fall hard, some say that China will not be affected and will continue to grow. The information is easily understood, and there are no parts that are vague.

The author does include arguments and counter arguments, which make this a very argumentative article. Both sides are discussed, however the author does show extreme bias towards the argument that China will not have an economic crisis and will rise above the hard times they face.

The author uses one illustration at the beginning of the article. The picture portrays a line of people waiting outside to get money for their back pay from being unemployed. This image supports the statement that millions of Chinese are out of jobs. The picture helps set an image in the mind of the reader of what it may look like in China with all the people that are unemployed. The author also uses statistics to support the arguments. Statistics help support an argument because they are not opinion, and have already been proven to be correct.