HCM 4050: Capstone Project – Needs Assessment


The Capstone Project is a series of projects (assignments) that will build on each other to develop into your final project. This project should meet these criteria:

Improves the health and/or wellbeing of community members
Follows the four phases of the project life cycle (Pg. 6)
Should be something that you are already familiar with or have knowledge of
For help with your topic choice, your textbook suggests assessing the needs of your community. For example, you notice your community needs a service that does not exist. Perhaps the community needs a facility? Keep in mind that projects are finite. The smaller and more detailed the goal or need, the easier it will be to create a solution. Your topic should do two things: 1) solve a problem, 2) are specific in nature.


Examples of previous projects:

Open a housing facility dedicated to women battling addiction
Create better transportation methods for the medically indigent to get to their appointments
Amend the current continuity of care for Veterans to include a method that is more patient centric and that includes other Veteran volunteers
Project Agenda and Deliverables:
Phase Due: Points
Scope Week 3 50 Create a Needs Assessment
Week 3 40 Write a vision and mission statement
Plan and Implement Week 4 35 Program Objectives and Strategy Statements
Week 5 40 Create an Action Plan for Implementation (Gantt Chart)
Week 6 40 Create a Budget
Evaluate Week 7 40 SWOT Analysis
Week 8 40 Evaluation Survey
Week 10 20 Select Project Plan Template
Week 10 50 Create a Project Abstract
Final Project Week 11 150 Final Project & Presentation
Week 12 100 Final Project & Presentation
Capstone Total Points 575

Capstone Project – Needs Assessment

Utilize the Needs Assessment template to identify the needs of your project area.
Refer to last week’s readings (Pg. 1-5) on planning and organizing reports. Link is available in Canvas. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20080628094326_727.pdf. This resource may help you formulate wording and to understand why a needs Assessment is a necessary component of a project.
Include at least two additional resources.
Complete and submit the Needs Assessment template.
Rubric: Needs Assessment

Criteria Points
Student answered all questions under “Explore the Need for the Current Situation”. 10
Student answered all questions under “Gather and Analyze Data”. 10
Student answered all questions under “Make Decisions”. 10
Student answered all questions in complete thought or sentence (may use bullet points). 10
Student incorporated two resources written in proper formatting. 10
Total Points 50

Capstone Project – Vision and Mission Statement
View Vision and Mission Statements — a Roadmap of Where You Want to Go and How to Get There by Don Hofstrand.
Link is available in Canvas.

Think about a project that you can create, implement and evaluate. The project should achieve these goals:
Helps to improve the health and/or well-being of community members
Follows the four phases of the project life cycle (Pg. 6)
A topic in which you are already familiar
Write a Vision Statement:
Create a short, declarative sentence that summarizes the point of the project and represents a broad view of the project as though the project has been completely implemented. Think: What do I want this project to look like when it is fully implemented?
Examples of visions statements:
Make-A-Wish: We are dedicated to makingevery eligible child’s wish come true.
Special Olympics: To transform communities by inspiring people throughout the world to open their minds, accept and include people with intellectual disabilities and thereby anyone who is perceived as different.
Write a Mission Statement:
Create one, declarative sentence that describes a general vision of how you will achieve your vision. Think: How will I get from where I am now to the vision for my project?
Examples of some vision statements are:
Make-A-Wish: To grant the wishesof children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. (https://worldwish.org/en/make-a-wish-story)
Special Olympics : The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. (http://resources.specialolympics.org/Topics/General_Rules/Article_01.aspx)
Rubric: Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement is one sentence in length, declarative and grammar is correct 10
Vision Statement summarizes the big picture of what is to be accomplished through the project 10
Mission Statement is one sentence in length, declarative and grammar is correct 10
Mission Statement is a general statement of how the vision will be achieved. 10
Total Points 40

Capstone Project – Objectives and Strategies

View Developing Program Goals and Measurable Objectives.

Links are available in Canvas.

View article, Overview of Strategic Planning. http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/structure/strategic-planning/vmosa/main


List your mission and vision statement.
Create at least two project objectives that have a measurable component. Example of a program objective: “Successfully launch 3 new products in the next 2 years.”
Create a timeline for each project objective. Include the month and year of completion for each item. Example, “By December…” or “In the 2018 Fiscal year…”.
Create at least one program strategy statement to accompany each project objective that you create.
Think: How will the project reach its objective?
In each statement, include specific details about who will complete each objective and how. Example of a program strategy statement: “Marketing and research will launch one new product each six month for trial”. You may choose to even get more in depth with specific names of your personnel if you know those details. HCM 4050: Capstone Project – Needs Assessment
Rubric: Project Objectives and Strategies

Mission and Vision Statements are present. 5
Student delivered two program objectives. 8
Program objectives include measurable outcomes, dates of completion, and includes how the project will achieve the mission. 4
Student delivered at least one project strategy statement for each program objective. 10
Program strategy statements include who and how the task will be accomplished. 4
Student utilized proper grammar, spelling, and work is generally free of typos. 4
Total 35

Capstone Project – GANTT Chart

Open the Excel GANTT Chart template. Link is available in Canvas.
Choose at least 5-10 activities that you would like to plan for you project. Map these activities out on the Gantt Chart.
Estimate the length of time needed to complete each planned activity.
Write at least one paragraph that states how you may show the “actual” time spent on each activity. *All dates and time projections are fictional.
Student utilized Gantt Chart template. 10
Student provides 5-10 planned activities. 10
Student used key colors (yellow) to signify when activities are planned. 10
A detailed paragraph states the “actual” time for activities if not fictional. 10
Total 40

Capstone Project – Idea Mapping for Budgeting
Idea mapping is a great way to brainstorm ideas and put them in order.

Instructions. For this assignment, think about the budget for your project. Then complete these steps:

Use https://bubbl.us/ to create an idea map for the flow of your project.
Put a ($) symbol next to each step that requires a budget line item.
Make sure you create at least five items that require a budget line.
Save your image using the “Save As” button (may save as a JPG file). HCM 4050: Capstone Project – Needs Assessment
Example Idea Map:

Rubric: Mind Mapping

Student created a mind map using Bubbl. 10
Student includes at least five items that require a budget line. 10
Total 20

Capstone Project – Project Budget


Prepare a budget for the problem/opportunity/challenge have been identified.
Determine if you need a fixed or flexible budget.
Develop a budget plan that includes these items:
Utilize the “Project Worksheet” and document the major costs, dividing them into fixed and variable categories.
Categorize each expense (wages, supplies, equipment, marketing, etc.).
Indirect costs and any identified cost sharing strategies
Write a short budget narrative that highlights the main areas of the budget.
Submit two items:
a budget worksheet prepared in table format or in an Excel Spreadsheet.
the budget narrative.
Rubric: Project Budget

Student utilized the project budget worksheet. 10
Student documented variable and fixed budget categories. 10
The budget includes at least 1 indirect cost. 10
Student submitted a short budget narrative that highlights the budget. 10
Total. HCM 4050: Capstone Project – Needs Assessment 40

Capstone Project – SWOT Analysis

Use the grid below to create a SWOT Analysis.

Internal Threats External Threats
Helpful Strengths

Harmful Weaknesses


Watch the video to learn about characteristics of a SWOT analysis. Video is in Canvas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_6AVRGLXGA
Refer to Chapter 6 in your textbook for more information.
Include bullet points with short phrases that explain any important details. Example: THREATS for a project plan that concerns increasing the number of flu vaccines given to hospital and clinic patients:
Availability- vendors of vaccines have limited supplies.
Lowered effectiveness- cited by study XYZ in the New York Times on 10/1/17.
Cost- pharmacies able to offer vaccine at lower cost than hospital clinics. HCM 4050: Capstone Project – Needs Assessment
Provide at least 3 points for each section of the SWOT grid.
Rubric: SWOT

Student included short phrases that highlighted important details. 10
Student included at least three descriptors for each SWOT category. 10
Student shows understand of the topic and the SWOT. 10
Student shows evidence of critical thinking and problem solving. 10
Total 40