hands on project chapter 4 1

4-9 As the head of a small insurance company with six employees, you are concerned about how effectively your company is using its networking and human resources. Budgets are tight, and you are struggling to meet payrolls because employees are reporting many overtime hours. You do not believe that the employees have a sufficiently heavy workload to warrant working longer hours and are looking into the amount of time they spend on the Internet. (page 155)

Each employee uses a computer with Internet access on the job. Review a sample of your company’s weekly report of employee web usage, which can be found in MyLab MIS (Please use the copy of the file attached here in pdf format.).

  1. Calculate the total amount of time each employee spent on the web for the week and the total amount of time that company computers were used for this purpose. Rank the employees in the order of the amount of time each spent online. (30 pts)
  2. Do your findings and the contents of the report indicate any ethical problems employees are creating? Is the company creating an ethical problem by monitoring its employees’ use of the Internet? (25 pts)
  3. Use the guidelines for ethical analysis presented in this chapter to develop a solution to the problems you have identified. (25 pts)


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