Gross Domestic Product economics assignment help

Use in-text citations and references 
Which of the following are included in this year’s GDP? Choose ONE case to answer. Explain your answer in 3-4 paragraphs
a.  Interest on an AT&T  corporate bond.
b.  Social security payments received by a retired factory worker.
c.  The unpaid services of a family member in painting the family home.
d.  The income of a dentist.
e.  The money received by Smith when she sells her economics textbook to a book buyer.
f.  The monthly allowance a college student receives from home.
g.  Rent received on a two‑bedroom apartment.
h.  The money received by Josh when he resells his current-year-model Honda automobile to Kim.
i.  The publication of a college textbook.
j.  A 2‑hour decrease in the length of the workweek.
k.  The purchase of an AT&T corporate bond.
l.  A $2 billion increase in business inventories.
m.  The purchase of 100 shares of GM common stock.
n.  The purchase of an insurance policy.

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