Graduate Nurse Resume And Cover Letter

Hello all,
I need to submit a resume and a cover letter as a graduate nurse seeking a position in a hospital. I have attached a copy of the guidelines, grading criteria, and a link to the PDF version of the book for a reference. Thank you in advance for all of your help.
Resume/Cover Letter/Portfolio (35 points)
Resume (25 points)
·  Typed/On time/Standard Format/No more than two pages ( 2)
·  Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation (3) ___
·  Objective/Goal indicates an entry level GN position is being sought,
Accurate information, degree stated correctly, realistic, appropriate
for entry level position, reflective of NPA knowledge/application (10) ___
·  Used action verbs/No vague or grandiose statements (4) ___
·  Included complete information, i.e. phone numbers, address ,
using professional terminology (2) ___
·  No personal data (health, weight, marital status, etc.) (2) ___
·  No excessive use of jargon (2) ___
Sub-total: ___
Cover Letter (5 points)
·  Typed/On time/One page/Standard business letter format (0.5) ___
·  Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation (1) ___
·  Complete applicant information (addresses and etc.) (0.5) ___
·  Succinct, professional, relevant information, no misleading information,
Indicates entry level GN position is being sought (2) ___
·  Correct and complete name, title, facility to whom letter is addressed (1) ___
Sub-total: ___
Portfolio (5 points)
·  Used Guidelines, Box 27-5, p. 487
Sub-total: ___
Total Points: ___
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