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Although you have made no deposits or withdrawals from your emergency fund savings account at the bank, the account balance has risen during the past three years from $15,000 to $17,613.32. What has been the compound annual interest rate that the bank has been crediting to your account?

John Smith, one of your clients, has asked you about the wisdom of investing $25,000 of his funds in a certificate of deposit at his bank. In your advice to him, which of the following characteristics of typical small CDs should you point out?
The availability of an active secondary market
The option to redeem the CD prior to maturity, without penalty
The protection provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The requirement of a minimum investment of $100,000

Which of the following instruments is not traded in a money maket?
Bankers acceptances
Government Treasury Bills
Long-term Bonds
Repurchse Agreements

You deposit $5,000 in a one year CD that offers a 9.0% rate of return componeded daiy. What will the CD be worth at maturity?

Which of the following are short-term financial instruments?
A negotiable Certificate of Deposit
A banker’s accespance
A U.S. Treasury bill
All of the aboive

Which of the following instruments are traded ina capital market?
U.S. government agency securities
Negotiable bank CDs
Repurchase agreements
Commercial paper

Which of the following can be described as involving direct finance?
A corporation takes out a loan from a bank
People buy shares in a mutual fund
A corporation buys commercial paper issued by another corporation
An insurnce company buys shares of common stock in the over-the-counter market

The international money market is called
The Forex Market
The Capital Market
The Money Market
The Financial Market

Which of the following statements about financial markets and securities are true?
Most common stocks are traded over-the-counter, although the largest crporations usually ahe their shares traded at organizaed stock exchanges, such as the New York stock Exchange
As a corporation gets a share of the broker’s commission, a corporation aquires new funds whenever the securities are solde
Because of their short terms to maturity, the prices of money market instruments tend not to flucuate wildly
Only (A) and (C) of the above are true

What is the distinction between the money market and the capital market?
Money markets are for short-term securities (with maturities up to one year). Capital markets are for long-term assetrs (with maturities over one year.)
Money markets are for long-term securities (with maturities over one year.) Capital markets are for short-term assets (with maturities up to one year).
There isn’t a difference between capital and money markets
The terms capital and money markets are interchangable because they are both in the financial market

Which would you prefer to have: $10,000 todayin a lump-sum or $1,000 per year for 13 years beginning one year from now, if the interest rates are:
Give me the lump-sum today
4 percent
6 percent

There is a wholesales and retails foreign exchange market

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