Government agencies responsible for running the Airnow Website

Laboratory Activity (Air Quality and Pollution)

Compare My Air!

Perform a comparison of the air quality from the three (3) states & counties listed below using the AirNow website ( (Links to an external site.)).

( all instructions are in the photos) also the 3 states listed.



Air Quality and Pollution Lab Questions

Question that can aid in your lab report writing

1. Describe the various government agencies responsible for running the Airnow Website?

2. Describe what you learned by simply exploring the website.

3. Describe various types of air particulates available for analysis on the website. (For example, describe Ozone O3; Carbon Monoxide CO; and Sulfur Dioxide SO2; etc.)

4. Which ‘Health Concern’ did you select and why?

5. Telling the story…we have seen how measured raw data and particulates in the air such as Ozone O3, Carbon Monoxide CO, and Sulfur Dioxide SO2. Next, these data are measured and reported to an agency for public consumption. Explain how data is used, correlated to an AQI index, and ultimately translated into categories which correspond to different public health categories.

6. How does AQI correspond to the idea of air pollution? Provide an example.

7. Describe how air quality may affect all living things on the planet.

8. How does air quality affects daily life within our course context of environmental science and sustainability?



· Step 6 – Use the data from the three different counties to create your tables and graphs in your Lab Report.  Remember to analyze your data and make conclusions based on information provided in the module and text