Below are the requirements.  It is due by midnight this
Sunday (Alaska time).  

How would you describe
the relationship between natural resources, population distribution/density,
and economic endeavors in China and neighboring Korea?  What role has the
size of each country played in the process of migration and settlement in
each?  What do you believe the future holds for China and Korea in terms
of population and natural resources?

Your response to this initial
post should be at least two or three paragraphs in length
(at least five sentences per paragraph) and include specific
examples to support your opinions.

Your second response,
or critique of another student, should be at least one to two paragraphs
and do the following:  state what you agree with as to what is
written; state what you might not agree with; and, add something else to the

The second thoughtful response
(requirements above) or critique of another students writing is needing to
be done to the below 2 paragraphs from a fellow student

Science may or may not be the answer to some problems, China for example has
been, for quite some time, experimenting with the process of cloning. To date I
believe it has been restricted to certain animals but I, for one, think that the idea of cloning something as
complex as a human being just plain scares the sh#t out of me. As skilled as
some of their scientists may be, and the rest of the worlds scientists as well,
I am not sure any of them considered any long term possibilities. Case in
point, there are no perfect DNAs in the world, everyone’s DNA contains the
potential for disease, deformity and any number of other things. The difference
between us is that in many cases the more dominant genes help to suppress the
potentially bad genes. Look at baldness for instance, it is usually just
described as “running in the family” but it really is just a
“bad” gene that is dominant in the males and recessed in the females
of the “family”.

That all being said, unlike in the movies, man has not developed the capability
to successfully repair or replace “bad genes” or create an entire
perfect DNA strain. Many think that gene therapy does this, and mistakenly
so, what actually happens is that a stronger gene or DNA
strain is introduced or integrated into an existing weaker DNA strain
in order to “repair” it or more realistically, make it more
of a recessive gene trait. The problems I foresee with the Chinese theory of
cloning to solve their problem will end up being one of eventually weakening
the DNA available and in most probability create a future generation of clones
that may have very weak immune systems, organ development problems,
musculature/skeletal issues or general developmental problems both mentally and
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