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HE523 Unit 1 Assignment: Planning Your Program TemplateHello Carzetta,Thank you for your timely submission of the Unit 1 assignment.  For this exercise, you were to offer details relative to the course project that you will be constructing over the course of the term.  Using the template provided, we wanted to learn some of the details about the academic institution that you represent, including demographics of the populations served, and also a full description of the new program that you are envisioning.  This is my appraisal of your entry, as related to the grading rubric assigned to this exercise:Planning the Program: Needs – I found that you offered a rather basic response that presents the general characteristics of the institution, offering limited description relative to the unique interests of the various constituents to be served.   Through this description, I feel that you have presented a marginal justification for why the Arts Integration Program program is needed, including how you have validated this need without accompanying support from a recognized organization.  I feel that your response could have been fortified through the use of more complete descriptions and corresponding citations back to authoritative sources.Planning the Program: Data – Based on your response, I do not feel that the rationale for the new program is supported by descriptive data that substantiates the expressed need for the Arts Integration program.  Further, I feel that you explanation offers only limited detail so that the reader is able to understand the “how and why” of the request for the new program.  For full point consideration, we needed to see more than a response of a few words or sentences.  Also, I would suggest that you include professional organizations and accrediting bodies that are recognized and established in the United States.Planning the Program: Mission Statement – the mission statement that you’ve created for Star of the West College seems broad, but appropriate.  The program seems to be a natural extension of a faith-based institution, and might be a reasonable addition to the programs offered by this type of institution (based on the negligible description offered).Spelling, grammar, and APA style – I found no major errors in writing or mechanics.  Your response should include reference citations.Total: 80/100 pointsI’m afraid that you let the template format of this assignment interfered with offering a full and complete response to the prescribed areas.  For full points, more of a descriptive response was in order.  In your future assignments, I hope that you will consider tapping into available resources to make your descriptions even stronger.  If you have any follow up questions, please be sure to let me know.The post for phyllis young only first appeared on The Nursing Tutors. “Are you looking for this answer? We can Help click Order Now”  “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post for phyllis young only first appeared on nursing writers.  “Are you looking for this answer? We can Help click Order Now”