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This is a team assignment. My part is to evaluate company’s financial situation- section 3. Whole assignment is for 8 pages only. My part should be completed within 1-2 pages. We have chosen Toyota as a public listed company. Below is the link for Toyota income statements. You should also use some additional data to carry out financial situation analysis and provide reference.
Assignment question: 
For this assignment, your team or you (if you are doing individually) will be writing a report on a chosen public listed company, analyzing and evaluating the financial statements of the company, and its relevant financial ratios. As part of this activity, your team will look at the financial performance of the chosen company through analyzing its financial ratios over the past 3 years, comparing against 2 competitors (Industry Ratio Comparisons).
The recommendation section addresses the issues or areas of strength you have identified based on the analysis you have performed earlier, outlining the recommended course of actions the company can take.
You may follow the table of contents below, or you may include relevant sections where appropriate.
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Company Financial Situation
4. Company Ratio Analysis
5. Industry Ratio Comparisons
6. Recommendations
7. References/Appendix
Report requirement: Maximum 8 pages (Section 1~6) excluding references/appendix (Section 7). You may consider using Section 7 to include relevant graphs, charts, illustrations, tables and references.



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