fill out the theory tables for realism liberalism and marxism

Fill out the International Relation theory tables for Realism, Liberalism, and Marxism to the best of your abilities. (No citations needed)
You will notice that each box asks for something particular – thinker, unit of analysis, reason, state, economics, ideas, and what is missing. For ‘thinker,’ list the authors from our class that discuss the theory (who have we read that is a realist, or liberal?). For’ unit,’ place in the box what you think is the main actor, or subject of the theory. For reason, briefly describe how each theory discusses logic or how actors reason through decisions. For the state, how does each theory deal with the state? And for economics and ideas, its the same – how do Realists discuss ideas? How do liberals? Lastly, what do you think is missing from each theory?

Please write inside of the table

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