feminist theory

The feminist theory seeks to understand and ultimately reduce inequality between men and women.

How does the feminist theory play a role in the sociological perspective? What are the key features of the feminist theory as it is applied to sociology? What type of contributions did the feminist theory impact on the social sciences?

Upload your assignment as a Word document, 1000 words, APA format.


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Feminist Theory

Feminist Theory 
self-awareness, you are highly encouraged to 1) relate your personal and/or 
professional experiences to the readings, 2) reflect on your emotions and opinions upon 
the readings, and 3) examine how the readings may have challenged or changed your 
own values, assumptions, and biases. Your writing will be judged based on level of 
openness, NOT right or wrong of your ideas.
To demonstrate critical thinking, you could 1) provide sound reasoning to why you agree 
or disagree with the concepts or opinions in the readings, 2) present relevant knowledge 
or information beyond the readings, 3) point out controversies around certain topics, etc. half page, single space.   
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