Faith Ringgold, Dancing At The Louvre (1991)

Assignment 1: Formal Analysis 

Essential question

  • How do images, combinations of images, or images and sounds, etc.—in art, cinema, intermedia, and/or social media—produce meaning and/or affect our lived reality?


  • – Write a 300+ word paper answering the essential question
  • – Be sure to include a formal analysis of an artist/image/artwork that we have discussed in class, is referenced in the readings, or is by an artist that we have discussed in class and/or is referenced in the readings
  • – Incorporate quotes from outside sources, (these can include course readings) and be sure to properly cite your source.
  • – Fill out a Writing Reflection form (below) and attach as last page of your paper


  • Refer to artists by their full name the first time you mention them (i.e. Jenn Nkiru is an artist and director…), then last name thereafter (In an interview, Nkiru states…).
  • Italicize the titles of artworks and put their dates in parentheses (unless you are already incorporating this information into your writing in another way).


We will evaluate your project based on how well it demonstrates your ability to:

  • – Analyze moving images, including their social and/or political context (incl. connections to critical discourse)
  • – Interpret and apply academic texts in forming arguments/analysis
  • – Analyze and form arguments with evidence
  • – Demonstrate understanding of filmic concepts (e.g. montage)
  • – Provide accurate information (all relevant names, dates, titles, etc. must be correct)

Writing reflection form:

  • One thing I did well in my writing (cite an example):
  • One thing I would like to improve is:
  • What could you change in your writing to make it flow better?
  • What are some strong concepts in your writing (provide evidence)?
  • What is your goal for your next draft?