Fad Diet For Nutrition Class

Review of Fad Diets – We can each list a dozen of popular diets (legit or not!) that we have heard discussed or maybe tried ourselves over the years! It seems like every day a new one pops up. Choose one that you are less familiar with or have been curious to know more about. It can come from a book, a video, a supplement etc. Spend some time researching the “diet”. Is there any science behind it? How did it begin? Are the findings sound? Is it sustainable? What makes it work? Does it in fact work? Put together 5-7 slides (not including title or reference slide) through PowerPoint describing this diet and explaining to us whether you think it is a wise choice or not. Record voiceover on the PowerPoint and turn in the presentation on Canvas on or before Friday JANUARY 24, 2020  by 8am CT. This assignment is worth 100 points. It will be graded on the following rubric:
Component Graded: Points Possible: Points Received:
Relevant Topic Chosen: 10  
5-7 slides present and voice-over accompanying (not just reading slides):  10  
Content covered thoroughly:  
What is this diet?
Is there any science behind this diet?
How did it begin?
Are the findings sound?
Is it sustainable?
What makes it work?
Does it in fact work?
Would you try/recommend?  Etc. : 70  
Reputable Sources Cited (3 or more): 10  
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