Expert Opinion***NEED TODAY***

Expert Opinions 

Begin with the work you completed for the Mental Health Disciplines discussion in Week Three. In this section, you will demonstrate your awareness of the psychological career alternatives in a community setting and take on the role of two experts in different fields of psychology.  You will also evaluate contributions of psychological research in the applied context of these experts and discuss methodological issues unique to their areas of psychological research.   
Take into consideration the comments your classmates and your instructor made on your discussion post.

You did very well on your presentation. I hope you feel better soon. It is going around.It is sad that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America, but the reality that ninety-percent of those who succeeded in suicide could have benefited from mental health services. My Uncle committed suicide in 1994 and my first boyfriend did as well in 2007. The effects left upon family and friends is devastating. A recent review of thirty-five studies of lithium usage in the prevention of repeat suicide attempts resulted in additional treatment along with Lithium is more successful in prevention, and the therapist must almost have a personal relationship with the client on a regular basis (Daigle, Poulito, Chagnon, Greenfield, & Mishara, 2011. P. 1. Para. 2). Lithium medications should also involve CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and psychodynamic therapy in order to effectively prevent a repeat attempt in suicide (Daigle, Pouliot, Chagnon, Greenfield, & Mishara, 2011. P. 1. Para. 2). 
Daigle, M. S., PhD., Pouliot, L., PhD., Chagnon, F., PhD., Greenfield, B., M.D., & Mishara, B., PhD. (2011). Suicide attempts: Prevention of repetition. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 56(10), 621-9. Retrieved from 

Include information from at least two peer-reviewed articles of your choosing that were published within the last five years to substantiate your experts†claims.  The sources may not be any of those that are listed within this course.  For information on how to generate search terms for specific resources, visit the Ashford University Library website.

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