executive summary 121

Submit Final Report to Executive Management
Compile a final report for management which includes an executive summary, and a summary of the winning vendor’s proposal.
Use the Final Report to Executive Management Template to submit your work to the assignment
Step 1: Draft the Statement of Work (SOW)
You are an IT engineer for BallotOnline, and you have been asked by your management to prepare a draft statement of work (SOW) for the website migration to AWS.
Use the provided statement of work template to write a four- to five-page SOW (excluding the service-level agreement (SLA), which you will write in the next step) that clearly articulates the requirements for the cloud migration project.

tep 2: Draft the Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
In the previous step, you prepared a draft SOW and submitted it for feedback. Now, you will use the items in the SOW to draft a cloud service-level agreement (SLA) for the cloud migration project. The SLA that you draft should align with the requirements that you have articulated in your SOW.
Take Note
In addition to what service-level requirements that you determine are appropriate, you must include the following availability requirements as well:
The BallotOnline website must exceed 99 percent availability within a 24-hour period (no more than roughly 14 minutes of downtime per day).
Use the provided service-level agreement template to draft a two- to three-page paper that may contain tables and graphical elements.
Submit your draft SLA to the dropbox for feedback. In the next step, you will perform an activity to develop measurements for monitoring the SLA and create a dashboard to monitor performance.
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