Applying what you have learned in this Unit complete the following. More detailed instructions are attached as a .PDF file.
Create charts based on worksheet data.
1. Open the Starter File Assignment 9.xlsx and rename it YourName ChartsAssignment Make sure all sheets are in Landscape mode, have the sheet name as the Header or Footer and Fit sheet on one page is selected..
In the Charts sheet create a Style 14 Cluster Column chart titled Golf Emporium showing:
Quarter1 (January, February, March) and Quarter 2 (April, May, June) data for all four sales categories.
Move the chart so the top left edge is in cell A11
In the Charts sheet create a Style 13 Line chart titled Golf Emporium showing:
The months without the quarters for all four categories.
Move the chart so the left edge butts up against the right edge of the Column chart.
In the Charts sheet create a Style 3, 3-D Pie chart titled Golf Emporium showing:
All four sales categories with values and percentages
Move the chart to a new sheet named Pie to the right of the Charts sheet
Apply and manipulate illustrations using Clip Art, SmartArt, Shapes, and Screenshots.
1. Make the ClipArt sheet active by selecting it.
Down load Clip Art from Office.com titled “Golf Ball on a Golf Tee”. If Office.com is not available use the provided search engine (probably Bing). You may have to download the picture to your computer and insert from the spreadsheet.
Resize the image, maintaining the aspect ratio, to approximately 3“ high and 4.5” wide.
Make the SmartArtsheet active by selecting it.
From the SmartArt category insert a “Vertical Curved List” from the List category.
Copy the labels in cell range B4:B8 into the SmartArt, one at a time
Choose the 3-D, Brick Scene under the SmartArt Styles gallery.
Make the Shapessheet active by selecting it.
In cell range A1:K20 (approximately) insert a red perfect Circle, a blue equilateral triangle and a yellow rectangle that are Aligned Bottom and Horizontally Distributed equally.
Make the Screen Shotsheet active by selecting it.
Using the built-in Screenshot and Screen Clipping feature of Excel insert a screen image of any open window and a 1×3 inch screen clip of any area of your Desktop.
Create and modify images by using the Image Editor, including make corrections to an image (sharpen or soften an image, change brightness and contrast), use picture color tools, and change artistic effects of an image.
1. Make the Edit Images sheet active by selecting it.
On Image 1 remove the background, except for the ball shadow.
On Image 2 remove the shadow as well
On Image 3 apply the Plastic Wrap Artistic Effect.
Apply Sparklines, including use Line, Column, and Win/Loss chart types, create a Sparkline chart, customize a Sparkline, format a Sparkline, and show or hide data markers.
1. Make the Sparklines sheet active by clicking it.
Insert a column to the left of the Total column and name it Sparkline
Insert a Line Sparkine in cell H5 reflecting the data in cell range B5:G5 with a High and Low point Marker
Insert a Column Sparkine in cell H6 reflecting the data in cell range B6:G6.
Insert a Column Sparkine in cell H7 reflecting the data in cell range B7:G7.
Insert a Win/Loss Sparkine in cell H8 reflecting the data in cell range B8:G8.
Make cell C8 and F8 negative values
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