evaluate personality tests

Assignment 4-4: Personality tests

Take the free tests and get the free results. Do not sign up for extended interpretation:

  1. Go to 123 Test and take the personality test.
    Note your results.
  2. Go to Psychology Today Tests and take the locus of control test and anxiety test. Note your results.
  3. Go to The Big Five Personality Test and take the test. Note your results.
  4. Answer these questions for each test:
    1. How well did the test describe you?
    2. How valid (tests what it is supposed to) do you think the test is?
    3. How reliable (would give the same results if you took it again) do you think test was?

  5. Then, summarize your results. Consider these questions. In general what have you learned about yourself from all of the tests taken? Which ones were beneficial and why?…which ones were not and why?



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