ethics recommendation report 1


This assignment combines our discussion on ethics with a supervisor
recommendation report. In a recommendation report, a supervisor recognizes a
problem, proposes several solutions, and ultimately recommends one solution to a
decision-maker. For this Ethical Recommendation Report, you will write as a
supervisor reporting an ethical problem and proposing a solution to a decisionmaking
person or body of people.

This report will contain four key components in the following order:
1. Summary: Provide the reader with a concise report of the ethical incident.
2. Statement of the Problem: Provide the reader with a concise explanation of
why this is an ethical problem.
3. Description and Evaluation of Options: Note the multiple ways in which you
can address this issues and evaluate their feasibility in this circumstance.
4. Final Recommendation: Give your final recommendation to address the
ethical issue.

For full credit, the assignment must adhere to the following requirements:
• Address the recommendation report in memo format
• Contain all four components listed above
• Address the report to a decision-making person or body within the context of
this ethical situation
• Consult the Understanding the Foundations of Ethical Reasoning text when
evaluating the ethical situation
• Write 2-3 pages, single-spaced
• Compose in a standard font and 12 point font size
• Submit the assignment on Canvas by Sunday, March 3rd


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