Ethical – Legal Written Paper Assignment

Dear Class:
Your Ethical-Legal Paper involves knowing how to brief a legal case, selecting a legal issue and identifying and selecting an adjudicated case related to a legal issue.  Every legal case has underlying ethical issues.
Examples of legal issues are: medical malpractice, assault and battery, use of expert witness, lack of informed consent, fraud, qui tam law, misrepresentation, wrongful death, false imprisonment, and many more.
Starting with this transmission, I will send legal cases that you could browse through.
Browsing through these cases will provide you with an idea of what ethical-legal topic to write about.
The paper should be in narrative format following the APA style. This includes a title page, body of text, and reference page. All papers will be submitted to

Select a legal case that has ethical implications to nursing.
Write a 3-5 page paper that include the following level two headings (APA book, page 62)
Introduction of case

Identification of legal issue

Identification of ethical issue



Impact on local, state, or federal policy and/or general healthcare implications



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