ethical issues discussion 7

The article for this module’s active learning discussion highlights another side of the Justice System: The courts and the legislature.
Please google and read, “Judges On Wrong Side Of The Law,” by the Associated Press.
This link can also be accessed in the Links tool.
Though the acts do not necessarily talk about the criminal justice system, they talk about white collar crime; judges that should be impartial and legislators that should be concerned with laws that are beneficial to the people and not special interests.
The question we should ask ourselves is, how can we work to improve the judicial and legislative system’s ethics to make them as free from corruption as possible?
Public trust is an important factor and your views and thoughts as to creating a more ethical environment in the judiciary and legislative branches of government is sought. Please discuss and have a lively discourse on this very important topic.
NOTE: MOST judges and legislators, like most police officers, are honest; this is not an impeachment of the system but a sharing of views as to how we can make it a better system.
This article is from the Associated Press. If political parties were removed from the context, it would be applicable to both parties.
Please answer in at least 550-words APA format
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