Ethical Dilemma within Society Assignment

You are being asked to research a practice or ritual from a foreign culture that is not a norm in the society in which you presently live.  You will need to present the practice or ritual from that cultureâ€s perspective based on their belief systems.  There should be a level of objectivity employed as you analyze and present your example.  You will then step back into your own shoes and analyze the given cultural practice from your cultureâ€s perspective as well as your own point of view.
Write a paper on the practice or ritual of your choice.
This must be a minimum 1000 word paper, double-spaced, and in 12-point font.  Include images for visual support and appeal.   Reference and cite outside resources in APA format.
(Some steps to achieve this goal are listed below.)
·      Present a practice or ritual from another culture that would cause a dilemma within the society in which you currently live.
·      Describe the practice or ritual based on the cultureâ€s belief system and ethical ideologies.
·      Explain your cultureâ€s perspective based on its belief system and ideologies.
·      After analyzing both perspectives, illustrate and explain your own personal take on the practice.  Did your perception of the practice or ritual change?  Why or why not?
·      Incorporate at least 2 of the following terminologies used within the assignment and in BOLD lettering.
1.     Multiculturalism
2.     Ethical Relativism
3.     Contextualism
4.     Consequentialism
5.     Utilitarianism
6.     Categorical Imperative
7.     Molychronic Society
8.     Polychronic Society
9.     Low-context culture
10.  High-context culture
P.S. Attached is an example of the above assignment.

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