Essentials of Public Health Core Functions and Services assignment help

Essentials of Public Health: Core Functions and Services

Write an essay in which you first identify core public health functions or services that pertain to the controversial public issue identified in Module One ( Controversy on Measles in America). Discuss the specific Healthy People 2020 Objectives that directly pertain to the controversial topic.

You can submit your paper in a question-and-answer format. In other words, list the questions and provide a short answer to each.

Here are your instructions:

1.Which core public health function or service did you choose?

2.Explain in 2–3 paragraphs how that core function pertains to the controversial public health issue from your Module 1 SLP ( Controversy on Measles in America)..

3.Find examples of at least one specific Objective of Healthy People 2020 that directly pertains to the controversial topic ( Controversy on Measles in America). Be sure to cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion.

Assignment Expectations

Length: 3 pages. APA Format  At least 3 sources

Note! You wrote a paper on Controversy on Measles in America and that’s the paper I would like for you to use for this assignment.


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