essay writing 152

Success Strategies Paper

Nursing requires the nurse to have knowledge, clinical reasoning, and creativity.The process of acquiring these skills starts in your nursing program and is a life-long process.Success as a nursing student is dependent on the students maximizing their strengths and improving upon their weaknesses.This assignment is designed for the student to examine his/her strengths and weaknesses and reflect on strategies employed for success.(CLO 7)
1.The paper is composed of the following sections:
Title page
Strengths, weaknesses, and study strategies reflection
Strategy analysis
Reference page
2.Utilize APA formatting and style throughout the paper.
3. The final paper scoring will be based on the rubric.
4.A minimum of 2 valid sources must be used.Valid and reliable sources for this assignment are journal
based literature and valid and reliable websites.A minimum of 1 source must be a journal article.Sources
such as textbooks, Wikipedia, and a dictionary are not acceptable as the 2 minimum resources.
5.The ideas expressed should be supported with the literature.
6.The paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length.
7. See the Course Schedule for the due date of the paper.
8. The paper should be submitted to OWL prior to submission.
9.A librarian should be consulted with any difficulties finding or retrieving articles.
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