essay project 2 rough draft due sunday…
Essay 2: Evaluating an Argument
For this assignment, you will read the article titled, “Keeping the Promise to All Americaâ€s
Children” on page 165 in your textbook. Then, you will write an essay in which you
evaluate the
authorâ€s argument
This does NOT mean that you should agree or disagree with the author
(his or her actual point); you are NOT commenting on the authorâ€s opinion.
You will need to restate his thesis/argument in your own words and from then on, show how he
or she did an effective or ineffective job at convincing the audience, meaning you have to identify
it. Identify the argument and audience in your introduction. Then, write your own thesis, which
should state whether the presented argument is effective or not and why, and then, spend the body
paragraphs focusing on the
different strategies and how
they are being used.
You are analyzing
the way the author
presented his or her
argument to argue
whether it is an effective
or ineffective argument.
In order to analyze the
argument, you will consider
the authorâ€s use of:
Logical fallacies
Types/Strength of
OR any other points you saw in your textbook
Ask yourself, what makes for an effective argument? How and in what ways is the argument
*Remember that the author can use one rhetorical strategy effectively while failing to use others
You will need to:
1. Point out any instances where the author used one of the elements above by providing a
quote from the text with MLA citation.
2. Comment on whether or not the author did so well, and why? And whether the use of this
strategy contributed to effectiveness of his or her argument.

You do NOT have to address every elements above, but you DO have to evaluate a minimum of
FIVE (5). Each of the five can be presented in its own separate paragraph or you may combine
them as you see fit. Be aware that I do expect to see clear organization and academic essay
Due Dates:
Rough Draft Due Sunday
Final Draft Due Sunday of Week 9
Length: 3-5 pages
You will need
Introduction (including a hook, background information about the article, the
authorâ€s thesis/claim and his intended audience and your thesis/claim)
Up to 5 body paragraphs (including examples from the text as well as your analysis
of effectiveness)

Step 2 Complete Writing Task 10
Complete Writing Task 10 first then come back to write your first draft.
Step 3 Write your first draft
Following the guidelines in the assignment letter for your draft.
Step 4 Save and submit your assignment
When you have completed your assignment save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.
Step 5 Post your draft to the Week 9 Peer Review Board
Please submit your rough draft to the Week 9 Peer review Board as a Word doc.
You will not receive a partner or credit for your rough draft if the draft is not submitted
Week 9 Peer Review Board
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