essay on christianity of certain time periods see below

Essay ?: Think about the role of Christianity and the Catholic Church throughout the time periods we have studied. Discuss the ways in which story- telling has reflected the role of Christianity and the Church over time.
Literary Analysis Essay
You will construct a Literary Analysis essay that assesses the skills of:
· Ability to synthesize history and literature in a thoughtful way
·Ability to discuss various genres and specific pieces we have studied in a formal essay
·Development of a thesis statement
·Text support, commentary and analysis that is unique and insightful
·Essay organization
·Grammar and mechanics for a formal essay
·Proper MLA format
·Proper embedded citations for the works we have read in class (No Works Cited page is required)
-must have a minimum of 2 quotes in each body paragraph
I have attached slides/readings that we have read and that you can refer to for context and details!!!!

We have discussed the Anglo Saxon Period: (these are the books we’ve read)
The Seafarer by Ezra Pound
The Wifeâ€s Lament by anonymous author (translated by Ann Stanford)
Beowulf by anonymous author (translated by Burton Raffel)
We have discussed the Middle Ages:(these are the books we’ve read):
The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
We have discussed the Renaissance period: (these are the books we’ve read):
Macbeth by Shakespeare
Page count does not matter! Just make sure it is 5 paragraphs-1 intro, 3 body, conclusion!!!

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