essay on a leadership or management problem or issue

For this assignment, you will write an essay of two to three pages that focuses on a leadership or management problem or issue of your choice. Try to phrase the topic as an open-ended question to get started.
Essays need to establish an opinionated, debatable claim (thesis) and provide evidence and clear reasoning to support it. You may draw on personal experience to supply some of the evidence, but your claim must be applicable in a broader context beyond a single workplace.
You may begin with one of the topics below, but you must narrow the subject in a way that makes it manageable and meaningful. Remember, you will most likely continue to explore this topic in your subsequent essays this term, so spend some time exploring your options.

Career Advancement
Leadership traits
Conflict Resolution
Employee Turnover

Leadership exists in the workplace (hopefully!), but it can also be observed in sport leagues, neighborhoods, families, friend groups, and the political arena. Clever writers can find a “leadership angle” on almost any issue. Youâ€re welcome to write about a management problem youâ€ve observed in the workplace – or the authoritarian tendencies of high school volleyball coaches. Just remember to respect your audience and approach potential controversies with objectivity and openness.

2 – 3 pages (Does not include Cover or Reference Pages)
At least one outside source
APA formatting (cover page, references, citations)

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