essay is about amp amp quot every one should go to school amp amp quot

the essay should be based on my Proposal for Every One Should Go To School Based on the high number of students enrolled in universities many undergraduates can contribute to the development of the country.
To support competencies, the federal government should improve the scholarship programs My research question is “Is the qualification of students going to be more advanced if the Federal Government Improves the scholarship program and making it easy?
” My answer to this question is “yes, it is going improve the quality of workers who will serves and develop the country Disagreement: this will affect the country’s economy some students will not take it seriously and they do not attend to school because it is kind of free school.
develop an original research question find reliable sources that help you answer that question read, annotate, and evaluate those sources in an annotated bibliography.
present your answer to that question (your claim) in 6-page paper.
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