essay for english 4

Select one of the prompts below and write a 7-10 paragraph essay in response.
The essay must have a clear and strong thesis, organization in direct relationship to the thesis and must incorporate support from the articles in the textbook. This support must be in MLA format with title, author, and page number. The maximum number of quotes in the final is 4. Be sure to fully develop the point of a paragraph before you use support from a text.
1. Gun control is a concept many people either cannot accept or refuse to acknowledge. Other people believe their should be regulation in order to help prevent the someone from amassing an arsenal. Argue how gun control may or may not prevent someone from accumulating a large amount of weapons. Support should be from objective analysis and from 2-3 articles/essays in the textbook that were assigned for class.
2. Social Media is a powerful force in how people view themselves. This can affect a person’s self-confidence if he or she does not identify with what is shown as acceptable or attractive on social media. Should the social media be regulated to control the what is conveyed to help protect the self-esteem of people? Support should be from objective analysis and any 2-3 articles/essays in the textbook that were assigned for class.

I will attach text from textbook.

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