essay about Montessori S teaching ideas social science homework help

Compare a written essay about Montessoriâ€s teaching ideas a century ago with the Japanese Preschool program today. Quite a comparison! We do not have lots of information, but I believe you can still learn a lot about the range of programs that can help children prepare necessary skills for school and for their societies. You are not required to answer all these questions! I provide them so you have an idea of issues I feel are important in this assignment. 

How do Maria Montessoriâ€s ideas differ from those of the preschool teachers in Japan? What are Montessoriâ€s methods? What motivates children in a Montessori classroom as she believed a classroom should be?
How do the children Maria Montessori worked with in the early 1900s differ from children today in the Japanese preschool? Please explain how Montessori directed her efforts to literacy and why.
What aspects do you especially appreciate about Maria Montessoriâ€s methods?
What aspects do you especially appreciate about the Japanese Preschool experience today?
How does the preschool in Japan and Montessoriâ€s ideas from the early 1900s reflect the important values in Japanese and Italian society?
Letâ€s think about preschool and kindergarten here in the United States. Only if you are familiar with those programs, please offer your ideas about the differences among the three groups. (If you are not familiar with these programs, you do not need to discuss this comparison.)
Please discuss the ideas that you especially liked, the ideas that surprised you, and your overall impressions of Montessoriâ€s work and of the operation of the Japanese preschool.
In this/these comparisons, what did you learn about the goals of education?
What new and interesting ideas do you have about parenting your own children?

Length of posting: Your posting can be one page single-spaced or two pages, double spaced

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