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    7. Compensation for college athletes.(topic)
You will choose one of the above economic issues and write a 3-5 page paper that explains what the issue is, current points of view on the issue and current suggestions to address the particular issue. Your paper will evaluate these points of views and you may come to a conclusion based on your research, which will be discussed in the summary of the paper.Understand that these are very broad issues and having a page limit is much more difficult than writing a longer paper. You will find far more material than you could possibly use and must decide what information is relevant for your paper. You will have to synthesize your data and be concise in your writing. Be sure to cite all your sources. Do not use a lot of quotes within the text. This paper is to reflect your own thoughts and be in your own words. Be sure to present both sides and support your conclusions with evidence and data from your research.Your paper will be in the following format with the assigned points:1.)   Clearly state the issue and briefly describe the most important factors to be examined in this issue. Explain why you focused on these particular factors – why are they the most important things to consider? (20 points)2.)   Present your evidence supporting both sides of the issue and provide the citations necessary so that your reader can return to your source material to verify your findings. Use at least four sources – two supporting the issue and two opposing the issue. (20 points)3.)   Identify the assumptions made in the arguments made on both sides of the issue. What biases are present in these arguments? (20 points)4.)   Given all your research, what is your position on this issue? Explain and defend your position. Are there other factors that should be considered in this issue? What would you propose be done regarding the issue? Do you have any ideas that you feel have not been explored and merit consideration, and if so, what are they? (20 points)5.)   Assuming you are asked about this issue by a friend, how would you respond? Limit this response to about 4-5 short statements. (20 points)
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