esp assignment 2 fall 2019 project report 1

I want( Research propsal) and (Report about Twitter )
– thereâ€s three articles I send it to you only you should chose two of them and follow this steps:………
~annotated bibliography
Annotated bibliography should consist of two elements
1. Complete citation (reference of source as given in the reference list) in CU Harvard format
2. Annotation consisting of the following points (word limit- 150 to 200 words) :
a. Summary – It should include objective, methodology, findings, recommendations, and limitations
b. Evaluation – It should carry an assessment of the item (guided through questions provided by the supervisor).
c. Relevance – It should brief the significance of the item for studentâ€s own research topic.
-you should follow each point that mentioned in the assignment.
make the assignment in Separated file and the praposal in Separated file .
2000-2500 word .
0% turnitine report
take the artical from the link
read the requirement carefully in word file
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