Effects of parochialism and ethnocentrism

Hello I need help developing response to the following:

1. What are the effects of parochialism and ethnocentrism? How would employees behave if they had those characteristics?How would one respond to workers from another country if they demonstrated those traits?

2. Theory Z adapts selected Japanese management practices to the US environment. Speculate on the reasons some US employees working for a Theory Z organization might still resist those practices. Now create a Theory ZZ approach in which American practices would be adapted to the Japanese environment and culture. What might Theory ZZ be like, and how would it be received?

3. The management of a health-conscious firm wants to stamp out smoking among its employees. A senior vice president asks you to devise a program that would use reinforcement to help people stop smoking. What steps would you recommend?

4. Why is a strong-culture organization at risk of being unresponsive to change? Why is a change in top management often desirable when an organization’s culture is no longer adaptive?