Hello all, on this board, please research and discuss the Balanced Scorecard. It first appeared in the literature in the 1990’s (Kaplan in the HBR) and has gained increasing popularity since then. There are many uses for the Balanced Scorecard as well as several variations of its application in organizations (search for the BSC articles in Healthcare, Education, small business, etc). Please discuss what it is, how it is used with regard to strategic management and what are your experiences with it in the workplace. The CAPSIM uses a Balanced Scorecard approach so this topic will assist you in that assignment also. Below are a couple of links to articles to get everyone started. Enjoy, Dan

Original article on the BSC


Reminder of Discussion Board Participation and Requirements: There will four discussion boards worth 25 points each (4 x 25 = 100 points). Discussion topics will be established throughout the class and the dates these discussion boards open and close can be found on the course calendar and on the course schedule on Canvas. To earn points, you must participate by stating your comments to the topic and responding to your classmates’ posts. You are required to have a minimum of two original posts and two responses to classmates’ posts per discussion board. This does not guarantee you the full 25 points (it will get you 15 points at the minimum). To earn all 25 points, your posts need to be well-thought out, clearly worded using complete sentences and be value-added to the overall discussion. Do not just do the minimum, go above and beyond and enjoy the interaction with your classmates (in other words, make more than the required number of posts and responses). Make each discussion board a true learning experience for all involved. Treat each of the four discussion boards as if you were in class discussing a topic face-to-face. You need to read all of your classmates’ posts, not just a few. Enjoy the discussion boards and view them as an intellectual conversation and not as something that you have to do in order to earn points. Feel free to do some additional research and share articles, videos, etc with your classmates on each of the discussion board topics. Doing that will earn you additional points toward the 25 maximum per board. Do not wait until the due date to make all of your posts on a discussion board. If you do that, the maximum points you will earn is 10 out of the possible 25.


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