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I just need an opinion about this reading due by my class tomorrow. Doesn’t have to be anything long, just an opinion. Let me know if you have questions.
Here is an example of one students work to give you an idea of short and simple:
“The subject of this reading highlights human shortcomings on multiple levels. At first sight, the photo is shocking. However, the focus of the reading was how the journalist got the identity of the hooded man wrong. I would have been more interested in a study behind the behavior that created the photo and the human condition under such circumstances.There was obviously an eagerness to publish the photo because of the shock value boosting sales. Then, the photo was recycled just two years later on the front page of the New York Times. Everyone loves a spectacle, even at the expense of human dignity.The reasoning and excuses used to explain how the hooded man was wrongly identified did not resolve much for me. Whether or not Claw Man believed he was the hooded man and/or intentionally mislead the journalist becomes irrelevant when he uses the photo on his business card. Was this for sympathy or what?Maybe the title set me up to have a bad opinion. It sounds like a play on Eminem’s song, Slim Shady.”
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