discussion about poem

Read carefully four examples of narrative poetry: “Richard Cory,” (735), “Because I could not stop for Death” (839), “The Ruined Maid” (737), and Church Going” (942).

As part of this week’s study, be sure to listen to the poet himself (Philip Larkin) as he reads his poem, “Church Going.” The recording may be found at this link:

“Church Going” by Philip Larkin (read by the poet–lovely) Christopher Hitchens cites this


It is quite revealing to hear a poet read his own work. Listen as you follow along with the text and with a pencil mark the emphasized syllables or words; listen carefully to his pauses, to his rhythm, and see if his recitation doesn’t bring you deeper into the poem.

Question1: Explain as specifically as possible how your listening to Philip Larkin’s reading of his poem contributed to your appreciation and understanding of the poem. Pay careful attention to the speaker’s tone of voice, his rhythm, and the imagery he uses to convey his message. What is his message? How do you know?


if you have any questions let me know, you must use all the word and sentences that must be your own, please don’t not copy even one sentence on the website, let me know if you have any questions, when you finish the work I will post one reply for you in the end, thank you


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