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  Unit 7: Discussion


One of the main obstacles to implementing organizational modifications is resistance to change; people’s unwillingness to accept or support alterations in the workplace. Unfortunately, when individuals resist change, it can affect their productivity, performance, and relationships. The figure below, provided by Neck et al. in Chapter 15, provides a visualization of forces that lead to resistance of change. Do any of these sound familiar?

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Read carefully section “Reducing Resistance to Change” found in Chapter 15 of the Neck et al. textbook. For the discussion: Assess two examples of skills you, as a leader, want to demonstrate for subordinates that help individuals adjust their attitudes and behaviors to reduce resistance to organizational change initiates? Make sure to identify links to Kotter’s 8-step change model as well as appropriate business literature. Evaluate best practices, as identified in the business literature, for reducing resistance to change. Which tools do you find useful (or which tools you find ineffective) based on your personal experiences? Make sure to provide examples as well as support in your response.

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