discussion 150 word or more

  1. Read the summaries and rhetorical situation prior to each section (Families and Personal Relationships, 468-471; Modern Technology, 497-500; Education and School, 521-523; Race, Culture, and Identity, 541-544; Environment, 564-567; Immigration, 591-594, and War and Peace, 618-620).These topics will be your general issues to consider.
  2. Once you choose a general issue, you will want to narrow it to a more specific issue. Look at the various ways the book narrows the topic by asking issue questions. Don’t limit yourself to these possibilities; discover what interests you the most within each section. (In the next Lesson you will be submitting WA #1, the Issue Proposal, in which you will present the topic you wish to work with the remainder of the course).

Address the following points and post to the Discussion.

  1. Choose three topics of interest.
  2. Explain (briefly) why you are interested in each of the three topics.
  3. Narrow your list of three topics down to two.
  4. Narrow each of these two general topics to more specific ones and present each of these topics in the form of a question, just as they have done in “The Reader.”
  5. Finally, narrow your two choices down to one. Why did you choose this topic over the others?

please see the files below for the summaries

thank you so much for your help


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