Discuss the influence of engagement and personal disengagement on the practice of the professional nurse.

Concepts of meaningfulness, safety, and availability are the foundational premises of Kahn’s Work Engagement Theory. The importance of role characteristics is vital to the understanding of care provided by the nurse.

With concepts of dedication and vigor as antecedents, theorists Schaufeli, Maslach, and Leiter have presented perspectives with common viewpoints. These frameworks guide the nurse in a view of job resources and job demands as components of nursing practice.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

Discuss the influence of engagement and personal disengagement on the practice of the professional nurse.
Describe the development of role characteristics for the nurse, as reflected through Kahn’s three psychological conditions.
Discuss the impact of Schaufeli’s Work Engagement Theory concepts on the nursing practice.
Describe how work engagement theory is considered antithetical to burnout.
Learning Materials

Other readings/materials:

Murphy, M. O. (2014). Theory of work engagement. In J. Fitzpatrick & G. McCarthy (Eds.), Theories guiding nursing research and practice (pp. 183-200). New York: Springer.
The reading directly relates to the theories explored in this week and provides the background necessary to explore the concepts.

Bradley University
Department of Nursing
NUR 700
Application of Nursing Theory to Clinical Practice – Written Assignment This
written assignment is designed to reflect the synergistic culmination of your study of diverse,
grand, and middle-range theories and models. Through completion of this assignment you will
demonstrate the following:
• The impact of nursing theory on the formation of a personal nursing philosophy
• The influence of nursing theory on clinical practice.
Value: 50 Points
Directions: Submit the assignment via Turnitin on Sakai on Week 6, Day 7. A Turnitin
score less than 20% is expected. Include at least one outside source (other than your textbook or
required readings). The sections for the paper should be as follows:
Title (Level 1 Heading)
Introduction (no heading needed) (10 points)
Describe a nursing theory or model (include the metaparadigm). Discuss the influence
this nursing theory or model has had on nursing as you have experienced it.
Philosophy of Nursing Practice (Level 2 Heading) (10 points)
Develop a philosophy of nursing practice that is based upon your selection of a
theoretical perspective or conceptual model. Include a minimum of 3 tenets/belief
Clinical Scenario (Level 2 Heading) (10 points)
Describe a clinical scenario from your actual experiences. Describe the relationship
between the selected theory or model and the clinical scenario. Describe how your own
personal philosophy (including your tenet/belief statements) is represented in the clinical
Conclusion (Level 1 Heading) (10 points)
Summarize the influence that nursing theory and/or models have had on the profession of
nursing and more specifically, on your clinical practice. *Be specific and include the
metaparadigmsin your discussion.
Reference List (Level 1 Heading)
Follow APA formatting for a student paper. This is to include a title page, level one and two
headers, RUNNING HEADER, page formatting, correct citation of works, professional writing
style. No abstract is required.