disaster management research hypothesis statement 1

My topic: Emergency Preparedness for Children. I will focus on preparedness for Children to identify their needs as normal children or children with special needs. How are their parents are prepared? Are they trained and supported to develop a family emergency plan?

The assignment:

Place your most current, refined Research Hypothesis (or specific Research Question) for your final proposal here.

Include your current, developing annotated bibliography (and copies of the pdf’s if available as a pdf package) with the references in the APA format. You MAY include a brief statement of the literature foundation (background) to support the rationale for your choice and stated question AFTER the Hypothesis/Question statement.

Expect to have ten to fifteen references accumulated and annotated by this point in your process. (You can add from the old Annotated bibliography if they are good)

All articles Must be accessible online. Peer-reviewed academic or scientific papers of recent publication (five to ten years old).

See this website and use it as a guideline for how to make the Annotated Bibliography: https://writingcommons.org/open-text/research-methods-methodologies/integrate-evidence/summarize-paraphrase-sources/246-create-an-annotated-bibliography

And this is an example of the annotated bibliography: https://d.lib.rochester.edu/cinderella/text/cinderella-romance-novels-an-annotated-bibliography

I attached my old annotated bibliography of five (5) papers with my adviser comments in the last page. It was not that good, but you can take a look.


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