Develop A New To The World Product Idea Test The Idea Among 10 People Using The Sara Lee Concept Board And Questionnaire In New Product Project Content For Your Product Idea

Report results using this outline and show a sales forecast with formula or excel doc Tally and write up results of your research. Include:    Executive summary of findings- half page of key findings and recommendation based on findings to move ahead with new product Detailed findings from analysis of data- show results 1 question at a time Develop a sales forecast based on % of people who said they would probably or definitely buy your product . Formula:  (Percent  of people who say they will definitely buy the product X.88) + (% of  people who said they would probably but product X .33) X (population of  market (target) for your product) X .75 awareness X .65 distribution (%  of stores product available in in) X  average number of units per year X  unit price. WILL COVER THIS IN PRODUCT CHAPTER/MODULE



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