database systems and administration 2

Part A


Gulf Institute of Advanced Technology (GIAT) conducts courses to award vocational and certifications

programs in various specializations. Management decided to proceed with automation of all the

process.It has many departments and each department can offer different programs. Each department

is chaired by a Director. Further, each department is identified with a unique ID, department name, and

employee_ID of the person who is heading the department. Within a department there are different

programs, each Programme is managed by a Programme Manager (PM), who in turn reports to the


Each department offers a bunch of courses spread across different programs which necessitates the

need of interaction between the PMs and Director during allotment of modules to training staff. A

course to be offered can have multiple sessions and each module is identified by a unique course code,

course name and number of credit hours. Each teaching faculty is allocated with a teaching load of

minimum of 18 credits.

Propose a conceptual model after an in-depth research on GIAT operations and processes. In order to

come up with an appropriate design/solution, you must study the requirements, issues and best

practices in this problem context. You can make relevant assumptions required to formulate business

rules, security, administration and modelling.

task 1:

Submit a work proposal for this assignment

 Understanding of deliverables – a detailed description of deliverables.

 General overview of the given tasks – (Part A and Part-B) – initial understanding of solution

to all tasks with timeline to complete them and identification of literature resources. (For

more clarity, please refer to criteria of evaluating the work proposal given on the last page

of this assignment).

Task 2:

Design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to model the above scenario. Identify the different entities

and attributes of each entity. Suggest and justify the choice of relationship and cardinality of the

relationship. State the assumptions (if any) made by you to develop the ERD based on your research.

Provide detailed analysis and justification for the selection of entities and attributes based on your


Task 3:

Derive a set of relational tables from the ER diagram (Task 2), using appropriate choices for the table

attributes. List the integrity rules and business rules, which you would recommend to ensure the quality

of data. Indicate all necessary key constraints. Critically analyze the constraints and business rules based

on your study of the institute

Task 4:

As a database administrator evaluate different Database Management system Software for the above

scenario. You are required to prepare a technical and financial feasibility report. You are required to

critically analyse each aspects and suggest the best suitable database management system software for

the above scenario with appropriate justifications.

Task 5:

As a database administrator identification of specific roles for users, authentication policy,

storage management and database recovery are critical. The efficiency and complexity of database

administration depends on the identified strategy and tools. Propose and critically review user

management, backup/recovery strategy, storage management/techniques formulated for the system

discussed in Task 1-3.

Task 6:

Prepare a report comprising an executive summary including self-reflections on the industry

guest speaker talk

Part B

Write a research article in IEEE Format on “best practice in the development of an appropriate and effective database system”. The research article can be approximately 2500 words.

Present the research article using a poster presentation covering the following aspects of research:

  • Problem specification, importance of research and research questions
  • Theoretical framework
  • Rigor of literature review
  • Methods or empirical analysis techniques
  • Key findings and conclusions;


Use reference ,use Harvard style


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