critical summaries for two primary articles

Answer these questions for each two primary articles.

Fill in the following information required for a full citation:

Year of Publication:
Title of Article:
Issue (Volume):
Page Number(s):
DOI (if applicable):

1. What is the main hypothesis or idea examined in this study?

2. In one to three sentences, describe the experiment or procedure used to how did the study get at this hypothesis/idea?

3. Select figures or tables found in the results section. Provide a copy of this figure or table. For this figure or table, describe: 1) the experimental method used to collect the data and 3) an interpretation of the results.

4. Overall, do the results of the paper support the hypothesis/idea? Why or why not?

The figures for article 1 are; 1 and 2 only

The figure for article 2 al of them.

* please type the answer without addressing the question , only put the number of which question is answered,

SO both of the summarize will be in one page or page and half.


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