Create a draft technical report outlining the following:

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Resource: Lafleur Trading Company – Virtual Organization

Create a draft technical report outlining the following:

– Include the advantages and disadvantages of using an operational data store, data mart, or enterprise data warehouse.

– Describe the ETL processes to take current data from enterprise sales in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets at Lafleur Trading Company to load in the data warehouse tables.

– Design an ad-hoc reporting strategy, a static reporting strategy, a parameter-driven reporting strategy, including capability for drill-down and drill-across analysis, a dashboard strategy, and an analysis strategy.

– Explain how your data mining strategy will be implemented to better manage and run the organization’s business operations.

Read the service request from David Washington, COO, and John Alexander, VP of Operations, of Lafleur Trading Company.

Analyze the Lafleur sales application.

Continue using the Lafleur Enterprise Sales Application Data Dictionary

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