conservation of energy lab

hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with my physics lab. I have the lab linked and just need the questions answered with the correct sign figs. Thanks!

  1. Did changing the angle of the incline affect the following parameters?
  1. final velocity of the ball
  2. work
  3. initial potential energy
  4. final kinetic energy

For each parameter, explain why it was or was not changed, using your data.

  1. How did velocity (v) and velocity squared pastedGraphic.png relate to the height from which the ball was released? Use the relationships from your graphs in your explanation. Which one, if any, was linearly related to the height?

  1. What general principle can you conclude about work, potential energy, and kinetic energy from these experiments? Be sure to discuss the transformation of potential energy (U) to kinetic energy (K) in your answer.



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