Conducting surveys

Choose people in 2 age categories (10-30 years and 60-80 years) from classmates, Facebook friends, family, coworkers, etc to participate in a survey
Conduct the survey which consists of only one question: . . . . . . What words would you use to describe someone who has mental illness?
Record the data: You will need 25 different vocabulary words from each group. Start with one person in the 10-30 age group and go down the list until you have collected 25 words; then, repeat for the 60-80 age group.
-Organize the data
Go down through each group’s vocabulary list: place a plus (+) sign in front of the positive words, and a minus (-) sign in front of the negative words
Count up the positive words and then count up the negative words for each group
-Analyze the results by making graph(s). To review graphs go to: (Links to an external site.)
-Write paper
Intro paragraph — this should be a grabber and make the reader want to read your “compare and contrast” paper on attitudes toward mental illness
Transition paragraph
Methods (describe how you identified your audience and gathered info)
Analysis – compose graph (include n= {number of persons])
Discuss results (explain the graph)
Share insights – what did you learn from this?
Summarize and give implications

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