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Claims, Reasons, and Evidence

The purpose of this assignment is to identify the parts of an argument: main claim, claims, reasons, and evidence. Review the CR chapters on “Making an Argument.”  

Carefully watch Michelle Obama’s 22 minute graduation speech at Bowie State University.  Be aware of the context in which she is speaking and notice who are the stakeholders. This information will be useful to you in understanding the meaning of her argument.  The transcript (Links to an external site.) is available if you prefer to read her speech. 


Michelle Obama Addresses 2013 Graduates at Bowie State University



1. Address the following items in 2 – 3 paragraphs (do not use bullet points):

·        Overall argument (main claim)

·        One claim made by Obama  (she makes several, but only one is required). 

·        One reason made by Obama to support this claim

·        Evidence provided  to support this claim



Grading criteria

1) One main claim (thesis), one claim, one reason, and one example of evidence (25 points).

2) All the components of the argument clearly connect (10 point).




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