Civil Rights in the Mississppi Area

250 word discussion post–today please. Make sure you put in the dq that the research paper focused around recent Civil Rights in the Mississppi Area


How do you define Mississippi?

In your post, identify your thesis and the sources you used to prove your argument. Discuss how you came to define Mississippi and what conclusions you made about the state. Make sure to point out the general areas of History that you discuss and what events, people, or ideas were especially important to your interpretation of Mississippi History. What readings, from Bond, Busbee, or another source you found, profoundly influenced your view of the state? Overall, has your view of Mississippi changed or mostly stayed the same? What can we learn about Mississippi today from your paper? Is Mississippi as a “closed society” (Silver, 1964) an accurate way to look at the state? Has this been true at some point in the past, but is no longer true? What time period is most crucial to understanding Mississippi and best defines it?


Some examples of different periods in Mississippi History are:

pre-European Mississippi

colonial Mississippi

territorial Mississippi

antebellum Mississippi

Civil War/Reconstruction Mississippi

Jim Crow Mississippi

Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement

Post Civil Rights Mississippi