Children’s television programs.

During this course, we have examined several children’s television programs. Choose a topic you would like to communicate and describe how you would use a combination of television programs (at least 3) to communicate this message to a young audience (For instance to teach a second language to children you could use: Dora the Explorer. The topic or message can be either something you would like the audience to learn (e.g., a science theory) and/or something you would like to persuade them about (e.g., to lead healthy lives), or both. You may use a television program from the first paper as one of the three required programs. (The Sesame street)
1 Describe your intended audience. Whom are you trying to reach? What do they require for effective learning?
2 Ground your discussion by relating it explicitly to the research we have covered in the course.
3 Discuss the advantage, disadvantage, and biases of each media artifacts

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