Chapter Questions Business Administration – My Perfect Tutors

Answer all of the following questions using the same organization/career area. Please use complete sentences unless it makes sense to list an answer in bullet points.  Please make your work as clear and easy to follow as possible.  Attach your submission as a Word document. Please be sure to give credit to all necessary sources (APA format).  Check TurnItIn for plagiarism.   Be sure that your percentage is low and that you are not doing an excessive amount of copy and paste. 
A)     Complete 1-3 Activity 1Professional Standards and Organizations on pg. 30.Questions 1 and 2. 
B)     Complete 2 -1 Activity 2Study an Occupational Field on pg. 47Question 1 ONLY 
C)     Complete Chapter 2 Activity 2Employment Competencies and Traits on pg. 61Questions 1, 2, and 3.
D)     What is your current opinion of the organization/career area. Did your opinion change based on your research? (Write a minimum of 3 sentences)



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